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Boat Training

On The Water Boat
Handling & Safety

Get out of the classroom and out on the Water with the Kraken Charter’s acclaimed hands-on Boating Course. Because the best way to operate a boat is AT THE HELM and not at your desk.

Are you new to boating? Are you looking to buy a boat or own a new boat and want to ensure that you can safely operate your new vessel? Here at Kraken Charters we offer the most comprehensive boating course that is tailored to you so that you can get out on the water and handle a boat like a seasoned captain. Our United States Coast Guard-certified captains will “show you the ropes” so that you may operate your boat safely with your family and friends.

At Kraken Charters, we support United States Coast Guard’s mission to minimize loss of life, injury, vessel damage and environmental impact associated with the use of recreational/pleasure boats while providing for an enjoyable maritime experience.

Our “Boating Instruction 101” course is our entry-level course that consist of 3 hours of hands-on instruction at the helm of your vessel or one of our vessels, under the guidance of our U.S. Coast Guard-approved captain. You will learn to operate a boat on the water, not in a classroom. At the end of your 3-hour session, you will have the confidence and skills to safely pilot and maneuver one of our boats – on your own. Your family and friends will think you have been boating for years. Trust us!
Has it been a few years since you’ve been at the throttles? No problem, Our Boating Instruction 101 is the perfect refresher course to help you remember the ins and outs of safe, enjoyable boating.

Are you an experienced boater who is looking to take your skills to the next level? We offer advanced classes such as multi-engine operation, nighttime operation/navigation and boat trailering/launching/recovery. Our instructors are also available to conduct the lessons aboard your own vessel (up to 100 feet in length, certain restrictions apply).

Our Boating 101 Course Outline:

Boating Safety including Lifejackets, Flares, Sound Device Instruction
Boat Docking including tying up, using fenders.
Boating Steering, Throttle Control & Turning
Boating Navigation: Reading Channel Markers, GPS, Depth
Anchoring: Sandbar anchoring, shallow water anchoring

Each course features:

United States Coast Guard Certified Captain
All Safety Equipment including life jackets, flares, sound device, throw cushion
Aboard our beautiful and forgiving 28 foot NauticStar Boat or your own boat (or if another one of our boats is available the instructor will speak with you first)


3-Hour Boating 101 Course: $600.00
4-Hour Boating 101 Course: $750.00
Advanced Courses: Please Contact Us for pricing
Private Boat Handling Instruction: Please Contact Us for pricing

Contact Us to schedule your private and personal class today!!! Ask about our advanced courses and our Special Offers.